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Submitted by: Tony Nibbinsworth

We love eating, hanging out and having fun at bistros. Food is great (and you get to eat without having to cook!), the ambience is relaxing and service is excellent.

With so many people feeling the same way, bistros have proliferated like mushrooms over the past century. In almost every corner, you will find one that is usually packed with people. For this reason, there are many other business owners and aspirants that aim to open up their own.

If you are one of those planning to have their own bistro, you should know that aside from excellent food and service, the physical appearance of the bistro is also a major factor in the success of this kind of business.

The furniture you will put inside your bistro is one of the aspects that will complete its overall appearance. At the same time, it will also contribute to the kind of service you will give to your customers since furniture serves both function and form.

With this said, it is very important that you are able to select the right kind of furniture that will be an impressive addition to your bistro. When shopping for furniture, look for pieces that are

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1. high quality and durable. Buying furniture for your bistro is a large investment. You will be spending money as well as time when you buy these. For this reason, it is important to make sure that you opt for those that will guarantee you of durability and resilience.

The war between price and quality should always be won by the latter. Adding a few dollars should not matter as long as you are getting the quality that is worth what you spent for. Besides, you will just end up spending more for repairs and replacements if you opt for cheap low quality furniture.

Your bistro (if everything goes well) will be packed with people. This means that the furniture in it will be subject to constant wear and tear. This is why quality and durability are very important so that these pieces will last a long time doing service for you and your customers.

2. stylish. As they say, form is just as important as function. The physical appearance of your bistro is a significant aspect of the business since this is one of the initial things that will attract customers to go inside your establishment.

3. in line with the theme of the bistro. The furniture of your choice should complement well with the overall design and theme of your bistro. The materials of your choice as well as the color and style of the furniture should blend with that of the establishment to create a coherent look and harmonious atmosphere.

4. comfortable. Your customer’s needs should always be one of your top priorities. So when buying furniture especially tables and chairs, you must always think if these will provide your customers with utmost comfort that will make their stay in your bistro worthwhile and enjoyable.

5. affordable. When buying bistro furniture, setting up a budget is important to save yourself from going overboard with expenses. You actually do not need to spend an enormous fortune during your furniture shopping. It was previously emphasized how quality should be prioritized over price. However, it does not mean that price should be completely thrown out of the window.

6. suitable for your target market. Making an extensive demographic research will give you an idea of what kind of people are likely to enter your bistro and the people you want to go into it. With this in mind, buy furniture that will cater to their taste and needs. If your target market are teenagers, go for furniture that have upbeat and vibrant colors and design. While if you are slanting towards the professionals, give your bistro a more dignified look with sleek and classic furniture.

7. distinct and will give your bistro a personality. With so many bistros all over town, offering something different to people is crucial in making them want to try out your business. Do not be a Xerox copy of most bistros, instead aim for a look that is different, unique and original.

Hanging out and eating at bistros is truly a nice break from the usual hectic lifestyle that people usually find themselves in. As an owner, you will delight knowing that aside from gaining profit, more importantly you’re providing people a way to unwind and forget all about their stressful day even just for a while.

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