International Paralympic Committee holds first press conference

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

London, England — Yesterday, the International Paralympic Committee (IPC) held their first formal press conference as part of the 2012 Summer Paralympics. Approximately 60 media representatives attended and had the opportunity to ask questions of Craig Spence, IPC President Philip Craven, Chairman of the London Organizing Committee of the Olympic and Paralymic Games (LOCOG) Sebastian Coe, and LOCOG Director of Communications and Public Affairs Jackie Brock-Doyle following a short speech on the history of the Paralympic Games.

The reporters asked a variety of questions. A British journalist asked about having ATOS as a sponsor given the negative history the business has had with disability services in the country. The IPC responded by saying this is an issue that should be taken up by the relevant British government agency.

A Wikinews reporter asked if the high cost of technology for participating in disability sport at the elite level would leave Oceania, Asia, and Africa behind. Craven said historically, the IPC has worked on increasing disability sport participation; they were now working on changing that to developing disability sport around the world. He highlighted efforts by the IPC to bring down the cost of wheelchairs and prostheses as these are sporting equipment for participation in disability sport. He also said they had donated 4,000 wheelchairs to help spread disability sport.

A Canadian journalist from the Vancouver Sun asked about the lack of substantial coverage of the Games in North America. Craven responded by saying he was disappointed by United States coverage and the IPC has been aware of the problem for years. He contrasted the situation in the United States with France, where the public successfully put pressure on the rights-holding network to improve the coverage of the Games.

Another reporter asked about Paralympic social media usage during the Games. Craven responded that while not a big user of it himself, the IPC embraced social media. Spence said the IPC encouraged everyone involved to use it; 47 Paralympians have video blogs, and the Opening Ceremonies will be covered while they happen.

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PostHeaderIcon Become More Of A Woman With Feminization

By Mark Goodworthy

Feminization is a process where you go through everything just to make you feel that you are all feminine inside. Why ask for something that wasnt meant for you?

Some would argue the following:

If you were born to be a man then let it be. We were born like what we are because we have a purpose, everything has a purpose. If we were made not to walk femininely and have a feminine posture then why force the situation? A womans voice is once of the most distinguishing marks that define if you are a man or a woman.

YouTube Preview Image

To be a woman when your not often brings chaos to the environment around you and to the people who know you. There are some things that are forbidden to do and we all know that, but it is human nature to look for ways where we can say that we are more confident when we want what we are. Some people also take a long time to discover that they will look good if they were a woman or even so if they act like one.

Discovering the Truth:

There is a process called feminization hypnosis, which is very essential in making you discover your femininity. This feminization process will benefit more of the transgender and transsexual for this will make them realize how ultimately feminine they are. It would make them feel every bit of a woman they want to be.

This feminization hypnosis is a process which will assist them in their transition to becoming the woman of their dreams. The feminization hypnosis process would only take a short time for it deals directly to some parts of the brain which will guide you to become more in touch with your other side of you which you want to be so badly.

With the creation of feminization hypnosis you need not feel like a woman but you will become a woman. For the mind is the most powerful part of the body, it can control everything making you dreams of becoming a woman come true. Your mind will definitely tell the body that you are a woman and there will be sudden changes physically. This is not impossible in feminization hypnosis for the mind is the tool that can manipulate this.

Feminization hypnosis has become a subject that many people are talking about, for they create solutions regarding a persons issues and problems. Hypnosis works for everybody, so there is no way you can have that problem or issue again. The idea is to empower these individuals so they can make changes in their lives and this is called hypnotherapy, which is so popular nowadays.

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can be nurtured.

Feminization hypnosis

accelerates femininity, mentally bonding the sensations of feeling you have transformed.


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Wikipedia founder embroiled in affair and financial allegations

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

This article mentions the Wikimedia Foundation, one of its projects, or people related to it. Wikinews is a project of the Wikimedia Foundation.

The implosion of a relationship between Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales and journalist Rachel Marsden has resulted in controversy and international headlines. Associated Press and ABC News have also reported on questionable activity by Wales involving Wikimedia Foundation expenses. The Wikimedia Foundation is a donor-supported non-profit organization which runs Wikipedia.

Marsden had contacted Wales two years ago about concerns she had over the article about her on Wikipedia, and Wales determined the article was not compliant with Wikipedia’s standards. The tech blog Valleywag revealed Wales had a personal relationship with Marsden, and posted supposed transcripts of their instant message conversations on its site, Wales and Marsden met in February, and The Times reported that “An apparent transcript of their conversations before that meeting suggests that, although Mr Wales had withdrawn from the editing process, he was still influencing the editors.” The Times quoted Wales from the chat logs as having stated to Marsden “The truth is of course a much worse conflict of interest than that; but that will do.” — in reference to his conflict of interest regarding Marsden’s article on Wikipedia.

Wales posted a public statement on Saturday on Wikipedia addressing the matter, and stated that his relationship with Marsden was over: “First, while I find it hard to imagine that anyone really cares about my sex life, the facts are: I am separated from my wife. I considered myself single at the time of my one meeting with Rachel Marsden on Feb. 9, 2008 … I am no longer involved with Rachel Marsden. Gossipy stories suggesting that I have been in a relationship with her ‘since last fall’ are completely false … I care deeply about the integrity of Wikipedia, and take very seriously my responsibilities as a member of the board and as a member of the Wikipedia community. I would never knowingly do anything to compromise that trust.” With regard to the conflict of interest in Marsden’s article, Wales had acknowledged to a team of Wikipedia editors in February 2008 that he and Marsden “became friends … and that we would be meeting about that,” and stated “I recused myself from any further official action with respect to her biography.”

On Sunday, The Canadian Press reported that Marsden had posted photos of herself on Ebay, and was selling items that Wales had left at her New York City apartment. In her Ebay posting, Marsden stated: “Hi, my name is Rachel and my (now ex-) boyfriend, Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales, just broke up with me via an announcement on Wikipedia … It was such a classy move that I was inspired to do something equally classy myself, so I’m selling a couple of items of clothing he left behind, here in my NYC apartment, on eBay. Jimbo was supposed to come visit me in a couple of weeks and pick up some of his stuff, but obviously that won’t be happening now.” Marsden told The Canadian Press “It didn’t really help matters that Jimmy chose to announce the breakup to the entire world via Wikipedia (which apparently now is an online encyclopedia that doubles as a personal soapbox?) rather than to me directly (which he did much later, in an instant message discussion).”

I care deeply about the integrity of Wikipedia, and take very seriously my responsibilities as a member of the board and as a member of the Wikipedia community. I would never knowingly do anything to compromise that trust.

Marsden placed a t-shirt and sweater which she said were left at her apartment by Wales up on Ebay, and started the bidding for each at ninety-nine cents, with the auctions set to end on March 12. By Monday, bidding on the t-shirt had reached US$300, and by Tuesday the highest bid had reached $12,200. In an email to The Globe and Mail, Marsden stated “My only focus right now, to be really honest, is on my career and finding a way to get back into print, TV, or radio here in NYC,” she wrote. “All of this other personal stuff is just an unfortunate distraction.”

Jay Walsh, the Wikimedia Foundation’s head of communications, told the San Jose Mercury News that Wales’ actions in relaying Marsden’s concerns about her Wikipedia article to a team of trusted editors was within his “routine” role. When asked by the San Jose Mercury News if Wales’ actions regarding the Marsden article could compromise his role with the Wikimedia Foundation and Wikipedia, Walsh responded “No, absolutely not.”

On Tuesday, ABC News carried a story by Wired News reporter Megan McCarthy regarding allegations of “excessive spending” by Wales, and Associated Press also reported on questions involving Wikimedia Foundation expenses. McCarthy reported that former Wikimedia executive Danny Wool, who had left the foundation last year, criticized Wales’ use of Wikimedia Foundation expenses in a blog post. Wool stated that Wales had tried to expense $300 bottles of wine, a $1,300 dinner for four at a Florida steakhouse, and visits to Moscow massage parlors to the foundation, and that the foundation rescinded Wales’ corporate credit card in 2006. Wool also stated that Wales paid the foundation $7,000, after being short $30,000 on receipts for expenses.

Wool told EPICENTER that “There were occasions where he used [the Wikimedia Foundation] for personal advancement under the guide [sic] of the mission. And, as someone who was in there for the mission part of it, I found that rather distressful.” Wool commented in an interview with the San Francisco Chronicle: “Originally, it was carelessness … But as things developed, it became more apparent and obvious that he was taking advantage of the foundation credit card. It was almost like his personal piggy bank.”

Jimmy has never used Wikimedia money to subsidize his personal expenditures. Indeed, he has consistently put the foundation’s interests ahead of his own.

In an instant message exchange with Associated Press, Wales denied that the Wikimedia Foundation had taken away his corporate credit card, and asserted that he had made the decision to stop expensing business travel for the foundation. Wales highlighted a statement by the foundation’s executive director Sue Gardner: “Jimmy has never used Wikimedia money to subsidize his personal expenditures. Indeed, he has consistently put the foundation’s interests ahead of his own.” In an email to Associated Press, Brad Patrick, a former attorney for the Wikimedia Foundation, stated “Danny seems interested in blogging his way straight to a lawsuit”.

Florence Devouard, who chairs the Wikimedia Foundation, told Associated Press that Wales had been “slow in submitting receipts,” and that the foundation had rejected Wales’ expense at the Florida steakhouse. Devouard told fellow foundation board members in a private email that she had convinced Associated Press that “the money story was a no story,” and told Wales “I find (it) tiring to see how you are constantly trying to rewrite the past. Get a grip!” Wales told Associated Press: “The board, the current executive director, the previous executive director, and independent auditors have reviewed our books and publicly agree that all of my expenses were appropriate and fully accounted for.”

Media reports speculated on how the controversy would end up being represented in Wikipedia itself. On Wednesday, the St. Petersburg Times wrote: “Wales’ Wikipedia page said only this about Marsden: ‘Wales had a brief relationship with Canadian journalist Rachel Marsden.'” An article in The Australian surmised: “History will decide whether Mr Wales broke his own principles, but before that happens there may well be a Wikipedia page devoted to the controversy.”

Sri Lanka accepts ‘One China’ policy

Monday, March 28, 2005

Sri Lankan Ministry Of Foreign Affairs said the government accepts Beijing’s “One China” policy and that Taiwan is an inalienable part of the People’s Republic Of China, according to a March 17 press release.

The current foreign Ministry communiqué, recollects the press communiqué issued by the Foreign Ministers of China and Sri Lanka in Beijing in December 2004. Sri Lanka reiterated its support for Chinese legislative measures to oppose forces seeking to secede from China.

In the communiqué, the Sri Lankan government categorically mentioned, Sri Lanka opposes secessionist actions in any form and fully supports a process of peaceful national reunification. The Sri Lankan government further said, it welcomes growing cross-Straits economic and other exchanges such as the promotion of direct trade, mail, air and shipping links.

In the mean time, Chinese President Hu Jintao issued a presidential order regarding the promulgation of the Anti-Secession Law on March 14, which was adopted at the Third Session of the Tenth National People’s Congress, China’s top legislature.

Deadly virus samples missing in Mexico/Lebanon

NB This story has also been covered in the article Killer virus sent worldwide. There have NOT been two incidents.Saturday, April 16, 2005

The World Health Organisation (WHO), in a statement issued Tuesday, urged scientists to destroy samples of a deadly flu virus that could potentially cause a global pandemic.

Shipments of the influenza virus sent to Mexico and Lebanon are unaccounted for. The U.N. health organization said 10 countries receiving samples already destroyed them, while 5 more countries are in the process of doing so.

The virus, A/H2N2, was detected by a Canadian lab which contacted the Public Health Agency of Canada, who in turn warned the WHO and other national health agencies on March 26.

Meridian Bioscience sent routine testing kits infected with the virus to almost 5,000 laboratories, of which 3747 in 18 countries have so far been identified as having the virus, most of them in North America.

The virus is a variant of the H2N2 virus which caused the 1957 Asian Flu Pandemic, but which was displaced by the H3N2 variant. People born after 1959 are unlikely to be immune to the virus.

PostHeaderIcon How To Clean Your Fish

Read An Opinion On:

By James Brown

People just love to pursue fishes while they get to spend quality time with friends and families. It has been the famous recreational activity since ancient times; not only a hobby, it is one of people’s source of livelihood. One thing that keeps this sport easy and simple is because you don’t need a lot of equipment or tools to fish. The fishing tackle is the primary fishing equipment that one needs to lure the fishes. It is used to seize your bait. There are tackles that looks more complicated than those you occasionally see but it is helpful to begin with a simple fishing tackle.

Now, you have earned your catch and what a good catch it is! You’re ready to prepare a sumptuous meal for everyone or perhaps this is a role other family members get to play. There are proper procedures to do the handling and cleaning. A good fish for a meal is best when it is fresh so it should be alive before it is cleaned. How does one clean the fish properly?

Prepare the materials that you need for cleaning. The knife must be sharp and clean. The ice cooler must be ready for storage of cleaned fish. The entrails must be taken through the use of the knife’s tip inserted into the vent. Careful cleaning must be done to prevent puncturing the intestine. As the knife is inserted, run it from the vent up to its belly straight to its head. Remove the head and rinse.

YouTube Preview Image

It is time to scale the fish. With the use of a scaler or a huge-sized spoon, move it from the tail to its head to scrape off the scales. It is pretty easy once you get to this part. Before doing this procedure, make sure that the surface where the fish is on is flat for easy handling. Fish can be cooked even when unscaled especially for small fishes but when you eat them, that is when you remove the scales.

If you want to take off the fatty layer, skin the fish. This also enhances its taste. A plier is the correct tool to un-skin the fish. Once a slit has been made on its skin just below the head, pull the pliers from head down to its tail. Make sure that one hand is holding the head while the other is on its body. Fracture the backbone at its head, pull and the head should be removed from the body. Wash the fish.

The three procedures above are basic and simple steps that you could follow to clean your catch prior to cooking them. It is best to follow them carefully so that your fish looks delicious and palatable making them clean and tasty. This time, surely, you’d learn these easy to follow steps and cleaning the fishes won’t be difficult as it sounds. The next time you go fishing don’t forget to bring not only your fishing equipment but also your cleaning and cooking tools. Way to go fishing!

About the Author: James Brown writes about

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The Sports Authority discounts


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Study finds over 250,000 Americans die each year from low level lead exposure

Monday, March 19, 2018

According to a new study conducted by scientists at Simon Fraser University in British Colombia Americans are dying of cardiovascular disease from low-level lead exposure. The study was published in by The Lancet Public Health. The goal of the study was to determine just how many people in the USA are dying of cardiovascular complications related to low levels of lead exposure.

The study looked at a sample of adults aged 20 years or older who were enrolled in the Third National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey between 1988 and 1994 and followed up to Dec 31, 2011. The participants had completed a medical examination and home interview. The participants were also checked for the level of lead in blood, cadmium in urine and other minerals that could lead to cardiovascular problems.

The study found that 20% of the participants had a lead level that would place them in the tenth percentile or higher when compared to the general population. The study found that in the general population, 256,000 Americans die from cardiovascular disease, and 185,000 die from ischaemic heart disease.

Is it about time that the government finally makes a real effort to protect us from lead poisoning?
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68 pieces of luggage found behind Texas pet store

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

At least 68 different pieces of luggage has been found behind a pet store inside a garbage dumpster in Houston, Texas. The luggage came from several different international flights and authorities do not know how they got there or if the contents of the luggage have been stolen.

“We’re going to be investigating and the authorities are going to be investigating,” said spokeswoman for Continental Airlines, Mary Clark. All luggage was handed over to Continental Airlines.

The luggage is reported to have been sifted through, and most pieces have come from all over the world. The luggage is reported to have come from Bush Intercontinental Airport. Some pieces of the luggage have name tags and Clark states that “we’re trying to reach whoever we need to let them know the bags are there.”

Officers with the Houston Police Department are in charge of the investigation. The luggage was found by individuals who own the pet store.

The FBI has stated that the bags do not pose any danger.

Toronto to have socialized city-wide wi-fi access

Thursday, March 9, 2006

Toronto’s public utility, Toronto Hydro Telecom, will make Canada’s largest city into a huge wireless hotspot.

“This is both an exciting and very important initiative for the city of Toronto”, said Toronto’s mayor, David Miller. “It puts us on the leading edge of the telecommunications industry nationwide and globally.”

Toronto Hydro Telecom will offer customers free access for the first six months. After that, it will begin to charge for services.

“Wi-Fi technology is the new benchmark for urban living”, stated Toronto Hydro president David Dobbin. “It’s standard equipment in many electronic devices, from laptops to portable entertainment units.”

Private telephone companies are questioning why a public utility needs to compete with the private sector.

Mike Lee of Rogers Communications Inc. questioned why the city of Toronto wanted to enter the internet access business.

“It will not be an easy business”, Lee told the National Post. “In this day and age, the focus should be on core operations more than anything. I was surprised to see they are looking to get into this business.”

Brian Sharwood, a telecom analyst in Toronto, said the municipality will likely install the wireless transmitters and receivers on its lamp posts as a way to blanket the city, a process known as “wireless mesh networking”.

PostHeaderIcon Buy A Used Or New Car At Maplecrest Ford Of Mendham

byAlma Abell

It happens to every driver at least once-;your car gives up the ghost, and you’re stranded on the side of the road needing a new set of wheels. A shiny new car sounds nice, but what if buying a used vehicle is a better decision? Here, we will explore the benefits and risks of both new and used vehicle purchases.

New Cars

There’s no denying it-;new cars are appealing. For many, a new car is a status symbol, and there are other positives, such as:Newness. Most new models have solid reliability records, and if something fails, the warranty probably covers it. When buying a new vehicle, you won’t have to worry about how it was treated by the previous owner.

Increased safety and fuel efficiency. The purchase of a new car means you’ll benefit from the most up to date safety features, and current fuel efficiency standards. Many companies offer low- or no-interest financing, making a new car a sensible choice.Despite all the advantages of a new car, it can still be hard on your bank balance. New cars cost more than used cars do, and they also depreciate faster. Vehicles lose the biggest part of their value in the first few years; in fact, it starts to depreciate the moment you drive it off the lot. By buying a new car, you will incur more debt and you’ll pay more for insurance.

Used Cars

While a pre-owned/used vehicle lacks the allure and curb appeal of a new car, they’re hard to beat when it comes to budget friendliness. Other benefits include:

You’ll get the best value for your money. Late-model used cars are often available for about half the cost of a comparable new model. Certified pre-owned programs offer good warranty coverage, and you may be able to get an extended warranty as well.

If you want to get on the road without spending too much, you can get a car for several hundred or a few thousand dollars. If you are mechanically inclined, buying a car that needs TLC can lower your cost.

Despite their warranty coverage, buying a used vehicle still requires that you take a bit of a chance. Buying a car from Maplecrest Ford of Mendham is a big decision, and it’s one of the largest purchases you’ll ever make. Do your research, and you won’t get taken for a ride.