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The Best Recession Proof Business In A Bad Economy

Sunday, December 9th, 2018

By Dianne Ronnow

Are you looking for a recession proof business? People all over the world are affected by this recession and tough economy. Once solid jobs and businesses are disappearing rapidly. Retirement income and savings are disappearing just as quickly for many as well. Many thousands of people are looking for a way to make more money in a bad economy both at home and online.

Can it be done– absolutely! There is incredible income potential if you know what your are doing.

Is it easy? No. Like anything real, you have to work at it.

Even in a recession, there are always new opportunities that open and ways to thrive financially. Some recession-proof businesses actually grow more during bad economic times or even a depression. One of these businesses is network marketing.

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Network marketing (MLM) is one of the best recession-proof businesses you can be in during bad economic times. Network marketing actually thrives when the economy is bad.

When the economy starts to slow down people start looking for ways to make extra income from home. Friends and family that scoffed at your business last year may now come running to you to find out how they can get started.

A network marketing home business doesn?t require a huge amount of capital to start. An ordinary person can get started in their own business with relatively little money invested. Plus you can work your own hours from home.

And network marketing has huge income potential. That is one of the reasons why Robert Kiyosaki (Rich Dad) and Donald Trump recommend MLM as a way for the average ?Joe? to build wealth.

It is true that many people do fail at network marketing, and one of the main reasons is that they were never taught how to market their business properly. Many upline leaders are teaching their downline the old out-of-date marketing techniques of the 90?s. Distributors are taught to duplicate outdated marketing techniques such as home business meetings, tables at events, passing out business cards, endless phone calls to long lists of purchased leads, and bugging friends and family for referrals.

The Internet is the future for home business and network marketing. When network marketing trainers and companies don?t teach their distributors how to market effectively and profitably on the Internet, people waste a lot of time, effort and money. Many eventually give up and think that network marketing doesn?t work.

Duplication is the key to success in network marketing, but the old marketing practices just don?t work in today?s online world and have long been bypassed by newer online web marketing techniques and systems. Those that master the Internet are dominating their network marketing companies.

I can show you how to succeed financially in your network marketing company by utilizing the power of modern marketing practices on the web without doing all those out-of-date and tedious old marketing practices.

I have a simple system that will teach you powerful techniques for online marketing. This system can be used for any MLM or network marketing company, and is easily duplicatable.

For more information, click on the link below.

About the Author: Dianne Ronnow is an Author and Online Business and Marketing Coach. Learn Dianne’s Secrets to Real Home Business Income at

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The Scariest Verses In The Book Of Revelation Explained

Tuesday, September 25th, 2018

By Matthew Payne

The scariest verses in the Book of Revelation are:

Revelation 22:18-19 (New King James Version)

18 For I testify to everyone who hears the words of the prophecy of this book: If anyone adds to these things, God will add to him the plagues that are written in this book; 19 and if anyone takes away from the words of the book of this prophecy, God shall take away his part from the Book of Life, from the holy city, and from the things which are written in this book.

The traditional and wrong interpretation of this passage

The traditional explanation of these two verses are people taking them literally. They are happy to accept that much of the Book is written in images and that their great knowledge is needed to explain to people what the imagery means, but they have never consulted the Holy Spirit as to what these verses really mean.

People think that these verses mean that if people publish a copy of the Book of Revelation with additional chapters or verses that they have made up, then they will get the plagues that are in this book of prophecy.

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We all know that with this warning in the very book they are translating that no publishing company would dare to make up additional verses or chapters and thus fulfill this stupid interpretation.

Likewise they believe that if they omit certain verses or chapters from this book that they will have their names taken out of the Book of Life. As if any publisher would do that with this clear warning in the book!

So the majority of Christians who do not know what this means think that its quite all right to get so called knowledge from the Lord on this book of mystery and publish a book explaining what it all means and if they do a good job of it make a pile of money.

Okay so lets look at what these verses really mean.

Adding to the prophecy means

Adding to the prophecy means getting what takes two paragraphs in the book of Revelation and writing two pages of description about what it means. You have added to the words of the Book of Revelation. For this you will be judged if you are wrong.

Taking away from the words means

If you write your two pages on the two paragraphs and any one sentence of yours in wrong and in your description your wrong description takes away from the real warning of the passage then your name is taken out of the Book of Life and you will spend eternity in hell.

In writing this I realise I am adding to the words of the book. But I also have been told to write it by Jesus himself as a warning to those who might consider to write and expound the book of Revelation to others.

The book is a private book and if you are close to Jesus He will reveal it to you. You don’t need authors writing what they think it means. Very few authors would put pen to paper if they knew that simply once sentence wrong in what they describe would send them to hell.

Writing this therefore is a risky business but I will possibly save some people from hell if they understand that this is the truth.

In fourteen years of studying the role of the two witnesses I have not read one author that has any idea of what they are writing and it is clear to me that they write mainly from opinion and guess work. I know no person in the world that I have ever read that knows more about the role then myself, and most writers seem to think they will be two prophets that stand in Israel and get rejected by the whole world.

I wondered for a long while why I could not find another writer that knew as much as I until the Lord told me that if they have written about it then they have disobeyed the command not to add to the book of prophecy and therefore it was not the Holy Spirit who gave them the knowledge.

I welcome any questions you may have at my email address on my website.

About the Author: Matthew Robert Payne was born in 1967 and grew up as a Baptist. He was saved at 8 years of age and Baptized in the Holy Spirit at 27 years of age. He is a committed born again Christian with the gift of prophecy and overseas a few websites where people are offered free personal prophecies online. Matthew does what the Lord Jesus directs him to do each day and each week with how he spends his money.

Visit us for a free personal prophecy today!


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Email Marketing For Museums And Galleries

Tuesday, June 12th, 2018

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By Rudy Barell

Email marketing brings many more consistent participants to your gallery or museum’s existing or upcoming exhibitions. As Director or CEO of a museum or gallery, you need to find cost-effective and easy ways to promote your exhibits to bring customers in on a regular basis. After all, the higher your attendance numbers, the better the funding. Email marketing is that cost-effective and easy-to-use tool for informing your contact list about the exhibits.

The cost of email marketing in comparison to other forms of media is not even comparable. It is a few dollars to send out thousands of emails, and they are focused on your direct market, as these people will have signed-up to receive your information.

With other forms of media, you are spending thousands of dollars, hoping that you are reaching those that need to hear about your exhibit.

Email marketing is more than just easy-to-use and cost-effective. It can also help you to attract more traffic on a consistent basis to your exhibits and advertise to clients about upcoming exhibits. A good way to grow your mailing list is to place a free web sign-up box on your website or invite school group organizers, audio-guide renters and gift-shop buyers to sign up for your newsletters.

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With a free web sign-up box, the web visitors who are interested in your museum exhibitions can sign up for your newsletters and ongoing promotions. Entice them to do so by treating them as “preferred clients” and offering them exclusive discounts.

When schools sign up or bring their groups to your gallery, ask the person who has organized the school trip to sign up for your newsletters and promotions. By offering them a ‘per-school package,’ where they receive certain bonuses for coming to your museum more frequently, you will garner greater numbers per year, per school. No great exhibit can exist without the proper funding and these added numbers will get you that funding.

For people renting audio guides or purchasing souvenirs at the gift shop, you can ask them to sign-up to receive free information regarding the exhibits in your museum or gallery. By offering them a discount on their audio guides or 10% off of their purchase in exchange for their email address, you will receive plenty of sign ups. This way you will be sending out information to people you know are interested in receiving more information about your exhibit (otherwise they wouldn’t be signing up for an audio guide or buying products related to the exhibits).

The reason this is to your benefit is because you will be increasing your value to the customer as an organization. In so doing, you are promoting your museum or gallery to exactly the customers who are interested in coming to your museums on a more regular basis – those that are passionate about educating themselves. When you provide this group of customers with your information, they will feel more compelled to return more often to your museum.

Having money to allocate for better exhibits is the ultimate goal for any museum or gallery Director and CEO. This creates a snowball effect: the better your exhibits are, the more attendees your exhibit will garner; the more people at your exhibits, the better the funding; the better the funding the better the exhibitetc.

With email marketing, you can save thousands in advertising costs by directly targeting customers who you know will be returning to your museum with greater frequency; all they need is to be reminded by an email marketing campaign. Bring school groups and enthusiasts to your museum or gallery more frequently by giving them a greater background on your current exhibits, and by providing them with newsletters and promotions on upcoming exhibits. This way, email marketing will continually open the treasure chest of wonders that you have to offer to your community.

About the Author: Rudy Barell is a Senior Account Executive with Elite Email, the complete

email marketing

package used by museums and galleries around the world. You can deploy comprehensive

email marketing solutions

for your upcoming exhibits with a no risk free trial. Start harnessing the power of email marketing today!


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Guerilla Marketing With Koozies And Other Promotional Items

Saturday, April 14th, 2018

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By Sam Mathues

Lots of new companies, may not have any Marketing plans or build their brand , I will just going to advise you how to start out small, on a effort less budget. One aim, the central aim of Branding is to guarantee that the public identifies the company brand . To do this, the Company saturates the customer with an likeness representation of their company. Also a great way to do that is to give away free products with the logo , that are used In public places . Items like Koozies ( can holders ), T-shirts and stadium cups are Ideal for this. since they are often used in public places, like the park, barbeque or at the beach, this will make sure that people notice the Brand printed on the side . A company can easily hand them away free and have the consumer do the Marketing. One easy way is to hand them out to the workers of the business. People Might not pay for your logo’s items , but if they were for free then why shouldn’t they? furthermore marketing items could be left on the front counter as a gift for people who walk into the office . Both of those methods will get the marketing products distributed and expose the brand out into the target audience.

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T-shirts are what I call on foot Billboards Because of their functionality , shirts are seen much more often than most marketing items . This could be utilized to great advantage. On the front side could be the company logo and the back a humorous Illustration or words , this could be utilized to make the public want to wear your shirts more often . Many people prefer to put on humorous T-shirts, this can be often used to a Branding Benefit. Shirts Come in a wide selection of designs and colors . The potential are endless because T-shirts can be printed in every color conceivable . I have recently seen some shirts are constructed so their shape reflects the item or service of the company who supplied them . They are be easily printed with a company slogan or Branding message at a minimal cost and a lot of bang for you buck.

The word koozie may not be know to numerous people however, the item itself is easily recognized . Well known as can coolers , they are simply insulators Insulating holders for cans , cups . Koozies are normally made out of Foam , a thick protector that will Insulate from the hot weather outside. koozies hold the container so the soda stays colder while shielding the holder’s hand from the cold. They are of a simple but dazzling structure. You will notice that koozies are extremely cheap to get compared to may other promotional items, koozies average around .65 cents . koozies are also very flexible you can you can get 25 or 2500. and the designs that they come in are infinite, you can even try different messages and see which ones people like and keep around them.

About the Author: has a large variety of



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Advertising Balloon Let Your Ad Touch The Sky

Tuesday, December 26th, 2017

By Jess Trent

One of the warmest pleasures of life is to gaze at pretty colorful balloons flying in a sunny sky. If you want to translate pure pleasure into profit and make your company name soar above others, advertise with a balloon. The customer will be delighted and your company name will be engraved in his mind. Advertising balloon will be an innovative enthraller for your customers and an easy way for you to reach success.

The ads on the radio or television are lost in noise. Most people move onto different channels during commercials. No pleasure is left with newspaper ads or pop ups of Internet. So step out of stoic ad sphere and be innovative, inflate your sphere of customers and profit with a brilliant colorful inflator. The advertisement balloon is generally mounted at top of or outside the company building and shows off your company logo or your desired slogan in a unique fashion.

The benefits of flying ads

– Advertising balloon is an eye catcher. Fly your ad and see the increase of traffic density of potential buyers.

– Advertisement balloon is cost effective, particularly for companies with fund constraint. It saves you the billboard, rental or advertisement cost.

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– You can enforce brand awareness effectively with a colorful flying company symbol.

– As the advertisement balloon is a visual treat it will entertain the customer and form an emotional bond between the Company and him.

– It is photogenic thus a media grabber and PR friendly.

– The shapes and sizes of balloons vary and you can have desired hues. The balloons can be customized as per company preferences. The cost of business wraps used in billboards or other ads can be saved because writing your ad lines in a balloon will be much cheaper.

Advertising balloons are available in a wide range. You can choose from

Cold Air Inflatable – They are up to 25 feet tall and you can sign your business name or customize them with the standard company logo. After tethering the flat balloon just attach a fan to make it alive. These inflators are suitable for large outdoor space.

Helium Inflators – The balloons range from 7 to 30 feet. Tether to the roof or ground and heighten your balloon. These blimps can be customized as per company logo.

Large Helium Blimps – Grab attention with large helium balloons. Make your sales boast up with large flying ads outside or inside your retail.

Parade Balloons – Advertise your brand on parades with balloons designed for the parades.

You can fly your company logo in streets, buildings and fairs. So make your business fly high and captivate your customer with an easy charm of flying ad.

About the Author: Summary of Author: Jess Trent is a successful writer and publisher of advertisement related issues, for more informative articles go to


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