Space Shuttle Discovery lands safely in California

Tuesday, August 9, 2005

The US Space Shuttle Orbiter Discovery has returned to Earth safely, landing at Edwards Air Force Base, California, touching down on runway 22 at 8:11:22 am EDT (1211 GMT), and rolling to a stop.

Commander Eileen Collins and the rest of her crew on Discovery are going through check-out procedures to secure the vehicle and assure safety. A convoy of specially-designed vehicles have parked near Discovery, ready to assist in debarkation of the astronauts from on-board the shuttle, and other initial post-flight processing of the orbiter.

The astronauts on board Discovery (Orbital Vehicle 103 (OV-103)) are expected to disembark at approximately 9 am EDT.

A press conference has been scheduled for 8:30 am CDT, including Dr. Michael Griffin, NASA Administrator, among others. NASA-TV will be providing live coverage, among others.

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