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Good Morning Buenos Aires Buenos Aires Barrio Guides: Caballito}

Friday, July 13th, 2018

Good Morning Buenos Aires Buenos Aires Barrio Guides: Caballito


good Morning BA

Good Morning Buenos Aires Buenos Aires Barrio Guides: Caballito

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Caballito is located in the exact geographical center of Buenos Aires and is next to Villa Crespo, just past Almagro. It lies between Av. San Martin and Av. San Juan and straddles Av. Rivadavia

Caballito is one of the most traditional barrios (neighborhoods) of Buenos Aires city enjoying a rich history and beautiful architecture. It is located close to shopping centers, parks, museums, hospitals, schools and banks.


The name Caballito means little horse in Spanish and the barrio name is said to have come from a horse shaped weather vane from a local pulperia (bar). In 1921 an Italian, Nicolas Vila, became the owner of a block of land that today would be located next to Av. Rivadavia. He opened a pulperia there and at the entrance he placed a weather vane in the shape of a horse. As a result the bar started to be known as the pulperia del caballito (the Little Horse Saloon).

The original weather vane can be seen at the Lujan Museum and there is a replica you can see at Plaza Primera Junta. At the site of the original bar there is a plaque memorializing its memory.

As with every west neighborhood in Buenos Aires, Caballito saw considerable demographic and commercial growth with the arrival of the streetcar in 1857. Shortly thereafter, the arrival of a large number of immigrants to build the subway, the area was transformed and divided into two distinct parts one being elegant, expensive and quiet and the other louder and much more commercial.

Historically, Caballito was where wealthy portenos would go at the weekend to relax in their colonial style mansions. Many of those mansions are still standing today on Av. Rivadavia, such as the home of Wine baron Ambrosio Placido Lezica whose house is considered one of the most important of those old colonial style homes. It was later and featured in the creation of Rivadavia Park in 1928.

Caballito Today

In many regards, the Caballito of today is very similar to the residential district of Belgrano which is located in the central eastern part of the City of Buenos Aires. As in Belgrano, Caballito lacks nothing and has nothing to envy in any other part of the city when it comes to services. For this reason, Caballito is an attractive place to visit or to live for tourists and locals alike.

Its many tree shaded avenues and streets form the perfect frame for its well preserved patrician apartment buildings, most of which have been completely renovated in order to offer all the modern amenities to its current residents.

Av. Pedro Goyena and its surrounding area makes up the heart of the best residential area in Caballito. Emilio Mitre, Miro, Puan and Victor Martinez make up but a few of the neighboring streets known for their beauty. Av. Rivadavia offers views of many of the older and more important colonial homes in the area and serves as a great connection to the central parts of the city and is one of the main commercial streets in Buenos Aires.

Local Attractions

In Caballito one can find numerous points of interest. There are large green spaces to enjoy including two of the most important in the City of Buenos Aires: Parque Rivadavia on Av. Rivadavia and Parque Centenario (shared with the barrios of Almagro and Villa Crespo).

Opened in 1910, Parque Centerario was given its name to commemorate Argentina’s hundredth anniversary on May 25th, 1810. Parque Centenario was designed by the renowned French-Argentine urbanist Charles Thays, who also created the Jardins Botanico (Botanical Gardens) and many of the other important parks of Buenos Aires. The park is park is one of the largest in Buenos Aires and surrounding it is a host of public facilities to include a mile long jogging route, the Bernardino Rivadavia Natural Sciences Museum, the Leloir Research Institute and local observatory, and the Marie Curie Hospital. In 2006 the park underwent and extensive refurbishment to include the replacement of two small ponds with a larger swan lake.

In Caballito there are numerous other points of interest to include the Cid Campeador Monument, giving homage to the Spanish soldier, one of the greatest myths of Spanish culture. There is the Caballito Shopping Mall, the English District with its beautiful British style Fin de Siecle architecture, the Ferro Carril Oeste Football Club, the Historic Tramway Museum of Buenos Aires, the old Mercado del Progreso, the Italian Club and the Portuguese Club just to name a few highlights.

Restaurants and Nightlife

Caballito has a select number of options for restaurants and nightlife that you can enjoy. Here are a few to get you started:

Locos por el Futbol (Av. Rivadavia 4751): a sports theme bar and restaurant!

The Oldest (Juan B. Ambrosetti 31 by Av. Rivadavia): probably not the oldest pub in Buenos Aires but it has beer on tap, cocktails, good food and great atmosphere.

Misc. Fact(s)

Caballito day is February 15th.

Pros and Cons

If you plan to stay in Caballito, one of its strongest points is its affordability. Although it is a bit far from the center of town and the more touristic areas, thanks to its many attractions, beautiful building and overall character Caballito is a great place to consider.

On the down side, it is far from the hotter parts of town, particularly when it comes to nightlife.

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Good Morning Buenos Aires Buenos Aires Barrio Guides: Caballito

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Natural And Organic Dog Food Stores}

Wednesday, May 2nd, 2018

Natural and Organic Dog Food Stores


Michael Fisher

Even Fido and Mittens are going organic. The nation’s dogs and cats are being fed record amounts of organic pet food especially by singles, aging baby boomers and empty nesters looking to spoil their pets. Some pet-food makers going organic include Newman’s Own, Natura Pet Products, and Castor & Pollux Pet Works. Some of our favorite pet stores selling mostly orangic and healthy dog food are below.

Healthy Spot – Santa Monica, CA – Providing the utmost in care for canines with their selection of quality products, this Westside doggie destination prides itself on offering the finest in food, toys and treats. Organic, vegetarian and grain-free dog food brands are available for eco-conscious owners as well as nutritional supplements disguised as treats. They supply several lines of plush pet toys and carry the Wetnoz brand of stainless steel, ergonomically correct bowls. Complete with puppy preschool, small dog day care and lush spa treatments, furry friends and their fond families get the pick of the litter when it comes to puppy products and services.

Whiskers Holistic Pet Products – New York, NY (235 East 9th Street) – Don’t even whisper the words “Fancy Feast” or “Alpo” at Whiskers. Once you speak with the animal-loving, holistically minded owners, you’ll never go back to supermarket brands. For advice and recommendations–without pushiness–and to really engage in serious petspeak, this is the place. The selection of natural and organic pet food brands is excellent. For fanatic pet-owners, Whiskers sells home-cooked preparations packed in little Chinese takeout boxes that look good enough to share with your furry friend. The selection of natural and homeopathic remedies and vitamins is unsurpassed, and the eclectic toys and treats section has a good variety of catnip-filled forms for even the most jaded New York kitty.

Natural Pet – New York, NY (238 3rd Ave, (212) 228-4848) – Natural and organic products to keep your dog, cat, and other furry friends healthy and happy. Carries our favoirte brands such as Newman’s Own Organics.

Pet Elements – Seattle, WA (6701 California Ave SW, (206) 932-0457) – Independently owned pet store in west Seattle. Healthy funky and fun. All of Pet Element’s food for dogs is organic & natural.

Furry Paws – New York, NY (141 Amsterdam Ave, (212) 724-9321) – Specializing in fine accessories and gourmet treats for Fidos and felines, Furry Paws puts the conventional milk bone to shame. Case in point–the freshly baked doggie treats. Fans say they have to be clearly labeled, or one might accidentally serve them with milk and no one would notice. The quantity of organic goods here could supply an ashram. We’re not just talking food–there’s a variety of holistic remedies for an ailing pet, as well as handmade gifts and crafts. But if you get confused and start thinking you’re in California, the prices will set you straight.

Bernal Beast – San Francisco, CA (509 Cortland Ave, (415) 643-7800) – Independently owned and operated pet store stocks food, supplies, accessories and toys for dogs, cats, birds and fish. Bernal Beast carries all natural, organic pet food and organic raw food as well as all natural supplements and treats.

For Other Living Things – Sunnyvale, CA (1261 S Mary Ave, (408) 739-6785) -Specialize in creating holistic pet supply products for dogs, cats, small animals and birds. The shop has been Anita’s dream since grade school. What sets them apart from other pet supply stores is the thorough research they do on their products. “As animal lovers, and animals ourselves, we have a responsibility to care for this world that supports us all. For Other Living Things strives to locate and provide products that work just as well or better than conventional products, but don’t exploit our people, critters or planet.”

Urban Leash & Treat – Portland, OR (888-858-6396) – Urban Leash & Treat provides natural and organic pet products. Our products meet high standards for quality and integrity. We offer human-grade food treats made from natural and organic ingredients. We favor locally-sourced products made from sustainable materials. We believe that our pets are full-share family members who deserve the highest-quality food treats and supplies.

Green Dog Pet Supply – Portland, OR (4605 NE Fremont St, (503) 528-1800) – Green Dog Pet Supply specializes in environmentally friendly pet supplies and gifts for dogs, cats and their people. “Located in Northeast Portland in the beautiful state of Oregon, we strive to make it easy for our customers to find fantastic products for their pets and be assured that they are also making good choices for their environment. We believe that living sustainably does not have to mean making drastic changes in our lives. Simply considering where things come from and where they go when we’re finished with them can be a big step towards living a more environmentally friendly lifestyle.”

Kriser’s – Chicago, IL – “Kriser’s was conceived out of a passion for pets and concern for their sustained health. Our mission has been to create a store that sells only the highest-quality, all-natural, petsafe foods and products… all made by industry top standards, free of chemicals, additives and preservatives. Shoppers can be confident that human-grade ingredients will be found in all Kriser’s stocked products, so they can choose from all we offer knowing every selection results in only the best for your pet. Kriser’s is a place of nutrition, information, and education.”

Paws ‘N’ Play – Arvada, CO (7403 Grandview Ave, (303) 420-2525) – “Paws ‘n’ Play is a unique store that specializes in healthy foods, treats, supplements, supplies, and gifts. Our belief is that feeding good quality food makes for a healthy and happy pet, which in turn makes a much happier person! Because we are small, we focus on the individual needs of our clients, whether they have two legs or four. Paws n Play carries a wide variety of dog and cat foods and treats for the healthy, happy pet. Our foods are high quality foods with only natural ingredients. They have no by-products, no chemical preservatives and wheat glutons. We do not carry foods with the useless fillers that can be found in many ‘grocery store brands’.”

Jeffreys Natural Pet Food Company – San Francisco, CA (3809 18th St, (415)864-1414) – Jeffrey’s is known as San Francisco’s premier resource for natural pet health information and products. “We prepare our own locally sourced, handmade, fresh, and organic pet foods five days a week. Our food contains only the highest quality ingredients: raw, free range meats free from hormones and antibiotics, fresh organic vegetables, vitamins and minerals.”

Pet Food Express – San Francisco, CA – A San Francisco Bay Area, locally owned holistic pet food & supply store. Pet Food Express is one of the country’s leading independent pet food and supply retailers. With 34, stores, all located in the Greater San Francisco Bay Area, Pet Food Express is the eighth largest pet specialty retailer in the USA.

Holistic Hound – Berkeley, CA (1510 Walnut St, (510) 843-2133) – “We specialize in natural and complementary pet care for many common problems such as allergies, separation anxiety, arthritis, fleas etc. including homeopathy, flower essences, herbal remedies, vitamins & supplements. We also carry the highest quality human-grade foods and a beautiful. unique selection of collars and leashes, ecologically friendly beds and toys and natural care books. Services include homeopathic and nutritional consultations, anesthesia-free teeth cleaning, free delivery in Berkeley and educational seminars and talks.”

Wigglyville – Chicago, IL – “Since 2005, Wigglyville has been providing leading products and health information in its Chicago neighborhood. Our mission is unwavering. We remain extremely selective about the products we sell, choosing quality for the health of your furry kid, sturdiness for longevity of use, and eco-friendly to sustain world resources. All of our products are selected with one thing in mind; integrating our furry kids into a positive lifestyle which promotes their health and well-being.”

Doggies Welcome

is the largest online directory of dog parks, off leash dog runs, dog friendly restaurants, dog friendly hotels and other places where dogs are welcome. Doggies Welcome is continuously updated by a growing community of dog lovers and users alike. See our pet travel guides for additional travel ideas for dogs of all sizes and breeds.

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Some Amazing Dining Experiences In Mumbai}

Monday, April 30th, 2018

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Some Amazing Dining Experiences in Mumbai


Giz GomesSome meals aren’t easily forgotten. They raise the standards in terms of the food quality and inventiveness and make us feel that little bit more special, even if it’s just for an evening. Mumbai is home to a varied number of eateries each having its own charm. From street food that is lip-smacking, to fancy corners that can make your wallet a little lighter, the options are endless. However, for your convenience, we’ve selected some good stand-out dining experiences to enjoy on your travel to Mumbai.

Luxury Hotels in Mumbai

Mumbai has much more to offer than its traditional cuisine. Teaming with top class chefs and award-winning cuisine experts, this culturally diverse metropolis boasts a wealth of luxury hotels that offers unforgettable fine dining experiences for the elite traveller to savour.Just step into one of the luxury hotels in Mumbai and you get a chance to savour some authentic cuisine from across the globe. Moreover, the classic interiors, bold artwork and contemporary furnishings conspire to create a unique dining experience one can never forget. Be it anniversary, a birthday or a casual get-together with your family and friends, the luxury hotels in Mumbai are truly a gastronomic affair for gourmands!

Street Food

Street food in Mumbai has a distinctly different flavour from that of the street food in other parts of the country. From pav bhaji, vada pav, potato and onion bhajias, Bombay sandwiches, dosas, patti samosas, chat, biryani, kebabs to chinese dishes, there is an array of options to choose from.To start with, if you are in the suburbs you could head to Juhu Chowpatty, Bandra, Andheri railway station etc. In South Mumbai, there is Girgaum Chowpatty, Homji Street Khao Galli (Fort), Colaba Causeway, Haji Ali etc. But wherever you go, the flavours, textures and colours that create the dishes will surely make you ask for more.

Parsi Restaurants

Apart from street food and luxury hotels in Mumbai, you will also find some handful restaurants in Mumbai that serve Parsi food.There is something so mystical yet comforting about these tiny caf and restaurants in Mumbai. Even though a lot of the contemporary restaurants and new world cafs have popped up in the town, these tiny eateries have still managed to stand strong and preserve the old world charm and beauty of the restaurants through its dcor, food and service.

These cute-looking Parsi restaurants are famous for bun maska, chai, mava cake, akuri toast, mutton cutlet, kheema pav, salli chicken, rotli, chocolate mousse etc; and much more. Simple and elegant, these restaurants offer a versatile experience best enjoyed with family or esteemed close friends.

Malvan Cuisine

This is something that cannot be missed! Thanks to the large multi-ethnic population and location on the Arabian Sea, Mumbai is blessed with an abundance of choice when it comes to seafood.

Malvani cuisine is the standard cuisine of the Konkan region of Maharashtra and Goa. Although Malvani cuisine is predominantly non-vegetarian, there are many vegetarian delicacies as well. The food has its own distinct flavour, cooking style and ingredients that will surely surprise you. You will find many small-scale restaurants and luxury hotels in Mumbai that serve Malvani cuisine. But no matter where you settle for this mouth-watering cuisine, you are sure to sparkle with joy.

Giz Gomes is a content writer for an digital advertising agency. She is writing articles on various topics like food, travel, real-estate and many such more.

3 Star Hotels in Navi MumbaiHotels in Andheri East

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Rv Sales: Boise Should Travel In Style

Thursday, April 5th, 2018

byAlma Abell

We live in a beautiful country with many incredible parks and natural wonders. There are few experiences that are truly as inspiring as being able to drive across the United States and take in the awe and magnificence that this land has to offer. When it comes to RV sales, Boise should be high ranking. The benefits to traveling by way of RVs are as diverse and numerous as the people who enjoy it.

EconomicWhen you total up the cost of plane tickets, hotel rooms and eating out, the cost of owning an RV and supplying it with gas is far more cost effective especially for a family. The bigger the family, the more cost effective it becomes. It’s obvious how an RV would save money on airfare and lodging, but it also provides you with the capacity to buy and store food from a grocery store, and have a means in which to cook it. This cuts down drastically on the cost of eating out. Saving money on the basics means that you can have more adventures.

ConvenientThere is nothing more convenient than not having to unpack and pack every time you stay in a hotel. With an RV you can have your things the way you want them and you never have to worry about leaving something behind in a hotel room by mistake. An RV gives its owners more freedom. The freedom to go exactly where they want on their own time without long layovers or racing to catch connecting flights. The RV lifestyle is one of leisure. Not to mention with an RV the whole family can come, meaning you won’t have to leave your pets behind. Traveling in an RV means bringing your life onto the road, not dismantling it into two carry-ons and a checked bag.

Experience MoreWith an RV you get to see more of the country. Instead of looking longingly out of a tiny airplane window, you can ride first class and see every inch of scenery up close and make stops wherever you like along the way. It is also easier to take more mini vacations where you can experience the world close to home without spending excessive money. 2014 is showing a steady increase in RV sales. Boise occupants should take note of this rising trend and hop onto the RV wagon.

Beaver Coach Sales & Service can meet all of your RV needs, with extensive knowledge and great customer service. For more information, visit

How To Easily Monetize Your Social Media Followers

Thursday, January 4th, 2018

How To Easily Monetize Your Social Media Followers



Social networking websites presents an astounding opportunity for entrepreneurs and business today. Making money out of social media networks have become a trend, as the use of social media networks for business marketing increased. Lets say if you have a social media website like a fan page, group page, a blog or any information sharing website, and these websites have good number of visitors, it can be utilized to make money. The ways to monetize your social media interactions are not a direct way of making money as the social media websites are not intended to be job providers. But the opportunities offered are vast that if utilized efficiently it could definitely earn you a few extra bucks.

YouTube Preview Image

Facebook is considered as the second most visited website globally standing just behind the giant Google. There are over 700 millions of users worldwide in Facebook, which opens up a very huge crowd for any online business. Apart from the existing traffic and users, the newer applications integrated into the system is adding more value to online marketing and trading via Facebook.

Any business gains profit by selling a product or service. The entity sold can be either their own product or it can be products or service offered by a third party. The latter is known as affiliate marketing and is found to be an effective means of making money online. The facebook marketing


facebook commerce

is an boosting field in online marketing.There are many e-commerce applications and store fronts made available in Facebook which you can integrate with your own profile. You can sign up with the product or service providing company and download their application to your own network. Then your profile can be used as a storefront to sell the companys products or service. Commission amount can be drawn against each sale carried out through your profile. These e-commerce applications can be recommended to your friends network and again a small amount can be achieved for each new sign up.

If you administer a group in Facebook with people of similar tastes, you can use it in generating money. With your recognition, you can sell products, promote products or let companies advertise on your page, make money by suggesting online stores to the group and so on. Lets say if you have a group of foodies, and when there is good number of members in the network. You can always affiliate with any restaurant chains, big shot hotel chains or resorts and market them via your group page.

The fan pages provided in Facebook was initially intended for celebrities to make their charisma go online. Gradually business groups offering various products and services also started creating their fan pages and have huge number of fans following their products. Fan pages are a great way of providing information about the brands, getting live customer feedback and running market researches. The fan pages can also be used to sell service or products of their own or affiliate owned. Some companies offer special deals for their fans, which further creates a rush into the store.

Advertising via Facebook is well targeted towards potential customers. Facebook identifies the prospective customers by analyzing the details received from the persons profile details. Products or services matching customer interest or taste would only be advertised to the individual thereby increasing the chance of a new deal.

Know more about

Facebook Marketing and Facebook commerce

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