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Practical Range Hood Buying Guide}

Saturday, November 25th, 2017

Practical Range Hood Buying Guide


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Those who have gone through the difficult experience of having to scrub the kitchen clean every now and then are fully aware of the importance of installing an efficient range hood in the kitchen. Range hoods are designed to take out grease from the air before it clings to any available surface in your home interior. By filtering the air, range hoods also remove those strong cooking odors. These are some of the distinct advantages of open plan homes. Without range hoods in modern kitchens, homeowners will have to contend with ingrained grime on countertops and walls. Heavy-duty grime removing agents and tedious and time-consuming scrubbing of stained surfaces are the only alternatives to range hoods.

Understanding How Range Hoods Work

The core operating mechanism of all range hoods is the extractor fan that efficiently sucks up the steam, odor and grease released during cooking. The process of extraction is accomplished by re-circulating the filtered air or through the ventilation of the extracted air outside via an external air duct. Most models of range hoods are outfitted with the rotary type of extractor fan, although there are high-end brands that are equipped with the centrifugal type of rotary fans. These are the models that operate more efficiently and with less noise, albeit with a higher price tag.

Main Range Hood Types

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External Range Hood

The external range hood sucks up vapors, odors and grease from the stove top and expels them outside, through an air duct. This makes this type of range hood extremely efficient, although it is relatively more expensive than the internal range hoods.

Internal Range Hood

Range hoods that are internally vented suck up the tainted air and utilize a mechanism made of activated charcoal filters to remove odor and grease before it is vented and re-circulated into the kitchen. The internally vented types of range hood are the easiest ones to install, especially in cases where the kitchen design makes it impossible or impractical to accommodate the external range hood types.

Combination Range Hood

This type of range hood combines the functions and capabilities of external and internal range hood types. These range hoods trap vapors, grease and odors through an activated charcoal type of filter and expel the air outside. Most range hood models that fall under this category allow homeowners to switch between external or internal venting, based on the preference and requirements.

Range Hood Selection Parameters

The most important selection parameters that you need to consider are efficiency and power of the extractor fan. These variables are normally expressed in cubic feet per minute. However, you have to remember that a range hood that operates on a powerful extractor fan generates more noise. Thus, if you are putting premium on power and performance, then it is highly recommended that you go for range hoods with centrifugal extractor fans instead of models outfitted with rotary extractor fans.

Your ideal choices are the range hoods with lengths that are a little bit longer than your stovetop. This will ensure that your range hood unit efficiently extracts vapors, grease and odors. Range hoods are either wall- or cabinet-mounted. Thus, it is essential that you check the measurements to account for the required clearance.

Once you are able to meet these technical requirements, your next considerations are your budget range and personal preferences. There are certain range hood models that feature internal light near the variable speed switch. High-end models are usually outfitted with auto-shot off switches, CO detectors and heat sensors. These premium add-ons result in higher tag prices. When buying range hood for your modern kitchen, it is essential that you establish your preferences, requirements and priorities to ensure that you are making the right buying decision.

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Practical Range Hood Buying Guide